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eSOL's Embedded Platforms and Engineering Services Support ROS/ROS2 and Commercialization to Embedded Systems

Mar 24, 2022 9:22:02 AM

The market for robots is broadly divided into industrial robots and service robots. As of 2021, approximately three million industrial robots are operating at plants worldwide, and shipments are expected to increase year after year beyond 2022.1

In addition, due to Covid-19, global sales of service robots for service robots increased by 32% y/y to approximately US$11.2 billion2, and demand for service robots is expected to continue to increase in fields such as medical care, logistics, and home delivery.


Robot Operating System, commonly known as ROS, is an open-source (OSS) application framework for robotics. With the growing complexity and scale of software development and research, the ROS provides engineers and developers with a standard set of software libraries and tools to help them build robot applications. 


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While ROS2 adopts the main concepts of ROS, it is currently being developed through the addition of concepts that are essential for commercialization and practical implementation. This includes multi-platform support, real-time control, enhanced fault tolerance, and support for multiple robots, including embedded devices.



eSOL supports the application and commercialization of ROS/ROS2 with a scalable embedded platform for both solutions and engineering services that leverage its wealth of knowledge.


Effective autonomous control system development solutions utilizing ROS/ROS2


Using the ROS on eMCOS platform, a scalable embedded platform that supports ROS/ROS2, can help develop efficient autonomous control robots and autonomous driving systems as well as provide an execution environment for embedded systems that can be applied to product development. Features of ROS on eMCOS include:

  • Provides scalable support for single-core to multi/many-core processors as well as multiple chips with the eMCOS distributed microkernel architecture
  • Enables the use of rich software resources in embedded processors without changing the ROS/ROS 2 build system
  • Provides real-time OS-specific features, including lightweight, real-time threading


Products and services provided by eSOL


eSOL supports the commercialization of high-reliability robot systems to ensure quality and facilitate functional safety by providing ROS/ROS2 engineering services that use our extensive experience and know-how, as well as providing software platform technologies based on the eMCOS real-time operating system for autonomous distributed cooperative systems. ROS/ROS2 engineering services include:

  • ROS/ROS2 application development
  • Integration of ROS/ROS2 with existing systems
  • Robot control device driver development
  • SLAM prototype development using commercially available robots
  • Research and development of embedded ROS


If you have any questions about ROS/ROS2 solutions and engineering services, please get in touch with eSOL.

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[1] International Federation of Robotics: IFR presents World Robotics 2021 reports, 28 October 2021

[2] International Federation of Robotics: Service robot record: sales worldwide up 32%, 28 October 2020

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[1] eMCOS-based Engineering Services for ROS/ROS2

[2] ROS2 Engineering Service Based on Renesas RX65N Microcontrollers for Industrial IoT Systems


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