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AUTOSAR-Compliant Platform and Toolchain from eSOL Successfully Showcased at the 15th AUTOSAR OPEN CONFERENCE

Jun 26, 2024 9:30:00 AM

eSOL participated as a Gold Sponsor in the 15th AUTOSAR Open Conference in Tokyo, Japan, hosted by AUTOSAR, an international consortium for automotive software standardization (June 11–12, 2024).

The AUTOSAR OPEN CONFERENCE is held annually with participants from all over the world. By bringing consortium partners with companies and other organizations interested in AUTOSAR under one roof, this event represents a valuable opportunity to exchange views on how to get the most out of the consortium.

At our exhibition booth, under the theme "Supporting Efficient Software Development with AUTOSAR Compliant Platform 'AUBIST' and Toolchain", we demonstrated Ansys SCADE, one of the toolchains we support.

Ansys SCADE is a model-based development tool that guarantees equivalence between models and code. Our demonstration showed how headlamps are controlled by code generated by importing AUTOSAR ARXML into SCADE.

The AUBIST product family offers real-time processing technology and high-performance computing, ensuring safety and security. AUBIST Classic Platform, based on the AUTOSAR Classic Platform, is an automotive software platform developed in collaboration with our customers. It provides scalable solutions tailored to the specific ECU development needs of each project.


On Day 2, Masaki Gondo, eSOL’s CTO and Senior Executive VP/Head of Software Division, delivered a presentation entitled “The Four Principles of Software-Defined Vehicle”.

In addition, Tsuyoshi Sakurai, AUTOSAR expert at eSOL, gave an introductory presentation on the operation and use of AUTOSAR on behalf of the AUTOSAR Japan Hub.


eSOL has long been established as a Premium Partner of the AUTOSAR consortium, actively contributing to the definition of the AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive platforms. Through our intensive involvement in the OS and Architecture group, we can ensure that our RTOS and hypervisor products comply and work well with these standards.

Thanks to our experience in supporting numerous AUTOSAR development projects, eSOL can provide you with competent advice on all aspects of AUTOSAR.

You can download the materials distributed on our booth at the AUTOSAR OPEN CONFERENCE.

Marketing Communications Team