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Coexistence of Real-Time OS and Linux With Safety, Reliability and Functionality

May 12, 2020 4:39:22 PM

We receive requests from many customers to realize latest graphic and network functions, while ensuring real-time capability on a single SoC.

As an approach to achieve this, eSOL provides solutions for coexistence of Real-Time OS and Linux on multi-core platforms.

With the coexistence of Real-Time OS and Linux, it is possible to build a system that takes advantage of both. It enables realization of high level of reliability in critical systems that isolate Real-Time OS and Linux safely, while ensuring real-time capability and safety in Real-Time OS, and allowing utilization of rich libraries in Linux.


Software partitioning is applied to prevent spatial and temporal interference between Linux and Real-Time OS. This safety concept implementation also allows minimal OS inter-communication.

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