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eSOL’s eMCOS® Hypervisor Safely Supports Mixed Criticality on Scalable eMCOS RTOS

Apr 21, 2020 6:00:00 PM
eMCOS® Hypervisor is here to handle the increasing scale and complexity of next-generation automotive, industrial, and medical systems as these tend towards highly integrated, mixed-criticality applications.

Bringing embedded virtualization to eSOL's eMCOS RTOS, which features a distributed microkernel architecture and patented scheduling algorithm to combine extreme scalability with real-time determinism, eMCOS Hypervisor now makes it possible to manage multiple operating systems including RTOS (for robust real-time applications) and general-purpose OSes such as Linux and Android (for feature-rich applications) without compromising real-time capabilities. Full time and space isolation is provided to achieve mixed-criticality system.

eMCOS Hypervisor

As use cases from automotive driver assistance to industrial automation and robotics must increasingly support rich user experiences, smart functionality, graphics display, connectivity, and autonomous operation, eMCOS Hypervisor enables guest systems to coexist with those that traditionally demand hard real-time performance, including AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive platforms, ROS/ROS 2 frameworks, and safety-critical POSIX applications.

Key benefits of eMCOS Hypervisor include:

  • Leverage eMCOS's advanced scheduling capabilities
  • Easy to customize Consolidated System boot
  • Easy porting of drivers
  • Robustness against malfunctions and malicious software

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