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Technical Article About eSOL's Multikernel RTOS Published in UK Media ‘Vehicle Electronics’

Jun 24, 2021 4:09:50 PM

As part of the move towards greater vehicle electrification, today's vehicle platforms increasingly demand to secure low power consumption, high-performance computing and better energy efficiency. The adoption of multicore and manycore CPUs to vehicle platform is therefore increasing, as designers look to meet these demands efficiently. On the other hand, in terms of software performance, today's conventional operating systems cannot maximize these multicore and manycore CPUs performance.

In this article published in the June 2021 issue of ‘Vehicle Electronics’, Rolland Dudemaine, Vice President of Engineering at eSOL Europe, explains how a microkernel (aka distributed microkernel) RTOS can optimize the multicore and manycore processing function in the vehicles of tomorrow. You can access the article here (see pages 13-17):

Operating System Architecture is the Key to Optimizing EV Performance and Safety

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