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Amdahl's Law - Today's Most Important Law for High Performance Software Development

May 21, 2021 6:27:43 PM

There's a lot of talk about embedded performance these days, and in the embedded community, most people think of hardware performance first. Indeed, for a long time the semiconductor industry could deliver more performance to software developers at "zero cost", but those days are over. Embedded application performance gains must now be delivered by software, or it becomes the major performance bottleneck.

We have published a video presenting how to solve these problems in embedded applications.

This video describes the key issues embedded software developers need to consider with modern hardware, and outlines the most important law for high performance software development today: Amdahl's Law.

You will learn why you will not meet the expected performance gains with a conventional embedded operating system, and we will introduce you a new safety-certifiable RTOS that takes Amdahl's Law for optimal parallel performance: eMCOS.

This video is now available for viewing here:
eMCOS - a highly parallel OS for your next-generation computing

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