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Jul 27, 2022 10:15:02 AM

Over the next few weeks, why not take the time to get up to speed with the latest eSOL demos and webinars? The summer period provides a golden opportunity to freshen up on your technical skills. We have opened up our webinar registration pages once more, so engineers can access a great deal of information completely free of charge.

Here's more info about the webinars that are available on demand on our website:

tuxera_on-demand Designing a Future-Proof Embedded Application with Tuxera & eSOL
In this webinar, we explain how to safely develop applications for embedded high-performance computing on a modern base that is future-proof. You’ll learn how to stop wasting hardware, and how to protect your embedded memory.
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Banner_210624_MultikernelRTOS_On-demand_Webinar_1200x630 Using Parallelism to Squeeze the Maximum Performance from Your Multicore System
Tuning the Operating System of your embedded device for optimal performance – including best-in-class safety and security – is critical. By watching this webinar, you can learn about the key aspects of modern SoC and CPU evolution; concurrency and parallelism; multikernel, the new SMP; and an overall approach to system definition.
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Edge Computing: An Innovative and Scalable HW/SW Manycore Platform for Intelligent Systems by Kalray & eSOL
New hardware and software technologies are necessary to meet the emerging needs of Edge Computing. Learn the new needs of intelligent platforms and Edge Computing relating to high performance and mixed criticality, and get acquainted with new innovative and scalable "Manycore" HW and SW technologies. In this webinar, we demonstrate an optimal solution for the parallel processing of several independent applications, with use cases from the industrial and automotive sectors.
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Why Choose Between Virtualization and Real-Time When You Can Actually Have Both
This webinar explains how to solve the complexity of virtualized systems, optimized for the highest levels of security. It also explains when to use – and when not to use – a hypervisor, with the availability of other solutions like software containers for instance. Find out how to address applications with mixed criticality, such as ADAS/AD and advanced industrial automation.
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System Integration With Real-Time OS-Based Hypervisor
eSOL's RTOS platform is widely used in the automotive, industrial, and medical fields where high real-time performance, reliability, and safety are required. There has been a growing demand for autonomous driving cars, connected cars, smart factories, and autonomous control for industrial robots, where system requirements are becoming more complex on an extensive scale. New requirements such as cohesive operation with other systems, and system integration are becoming more and more important. Virtualization technologies such as hypervisors are attracting a lot of attention in the field of embedded development, to empower edge computing with a wide variety of functions. Learn more about how to ensure real-time performance and reliability by watching this webinar.
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In addition to webinars, “Your RTOS and Hypervisor Platform for Critical Multicore, Embedded and Edge Applications” was a central theme of our discussions at Embedded World 2022. Visitors to the eSOL booth watched demos and learnt about our eMCOS scalable multikernel real-time OS and hypervisor platform, which offers the highest safe RTOS performance and greatest freedom from interference on heterogeneous multi/manycore systems.

eSOL experts would also be more than happy to arrange a private meeting with you, in order to discuss specific project requirements and the best software solution. Simply contact the eSOL team by email or visit our website at

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